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Ai Lite

Light & Crisp


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23% Alc by Vol – 750ML

Fewer Calories & Less Alcohol. Ai is something completely new. If your drink is Vodka & Soda, you’ll love Ai.


The classic Mixer


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35% Alc by Vol – 750ML

“The Best Spirit you’ve never tasted.” Silky & Smooth. Try Original in all your favorite cocktails.


10 Year Aged Special Reserve


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42% Alc by Vol – 750ML

Aged in Evergreen Oak for 10 years. Rivals the finest single malt scotch and richest tequila. Enjoy it neat or on the rocks.

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A Beautiful Trio

Discovery Collection

One Bottle of each
Ai Lite, Original, X


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750ML x 3

Discover the complete award-winning collection.

Our Story

500 years old. Rediscovered by a new generation. Shochu is now Japan’s #1 selling spirit category by volume. Sondra & Bruce wish to share their discovery with you.

Our Story
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Mujen Original
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